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Which ethnic group is NOT mentioned as part of the Northern Mindanao and CARAGA regions?


Which group is listed as part of the Moros?


Which ethnic group is associated with the region of SOCCSKARGEN?


Which region is associated with the ethnic group 'Mansakas'?


Which ethnic group is not mentioned as having its own inventory of folk literature?


Study Notes

Geography of Mindanao

  • Mindanao is known as the “Land of Promise” in the Philippines.
  • Famous local destinations in Mindanao include Maria Cristina Falls, Limunsudan Falls, Tinago Falls, Tinuy-an Falls, Lake Lanao, Lake Sebu, Agus River, Siargao, Dahilayan Forest Park, Rio Grande River, and Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur.

Islands of Mindanao

  • Major islands in Mindanao include Mindanao Mainland, Camiguin, Siargao, Samal, Dinagat, Bucas Grande, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi.

Regions of Mindanao

  • Regions in Mindanao include BARMM, CARAGA, Davao, Northern Mindanao, SOCCSKARGEN, and Zamboanga Peninsula.
  • Davao City is the most populous place in Mindanao.

Landmarks and Features of Mindanao

  • Mt. Apo in Davao is the highest point in the Philippines.
  • Famous landmarks in Mindanao include the Sunken Cemetery in Camiguin Island, The Grand Mosque of Cotabato, Dapitan, Zamboanga City, and the Islamic City of Marawi.

Population and Religion of Mindanao

  • The population of Mindanao is composed of 63% Christians, 32% Muslims, and 5% affiliated with other religions.

Languages of Mindanao

  • Cebuano is the native language in most regions of Mindanao, except for Muslim areas on the west coast and hill tribes.
  • Other languages spoken in Mindanao include Mandaya, Kalagan, Giangon, Dibabawon, Tagabawa, Mansaka, Sangirese, Obo, Sarangani, and Hiligaynon.

Explore the stunning landscapes and natural wonders of Mindanao in this quiz on famous local destinations. Test your knowledge of the geography of the "Land of Promise" and its major islands, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and forest parks. Discover the beauty and diversity of Mindanao's breathtaking scenery while learning about its renowned landmarks.

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