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What does Islamic studies refer to?

Islamic studies refers to the academic study of Islam, and generally to academic multidisciplinary 'studies' programs.

What other religious traditions have similar academic multidisciplinary 'studies' programs?

Eastern Christian Studies and Jewish Studies.

What does Carole Hillenbrand describe Islamic studies as?

Carole Hillenbrand describes Islamic studies as 'a discipline that seeks to explain what the Islamic world has achieved in the past and what the future holds for it.'

What are some fields that Islamic studies programs are similar to?

Fields such as environmental studies, Middle East studies, race studies, urban studies, etc.

What are some subjects that are included in academic Islamic Studies programs?

Subjects such as the historical study of Islam, Islamic civilization, history of the Muslim world, historiography, Islamic law, Islamic theology, and Islamic philosophy.

Test your knowledge on Islamic studies with this informative quiz! Explore various aspects of Islam, from its history and texts to its theology and cultural impact. Challenge yourself and learn more about this rich and diverse religious tradition.

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