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Which of the following best defines a computer?

An electronic device that operates under the control of stored instructions

What does a computer do with data?

Converts it into information

What does the term 'input' refer to in the context of a computer?

The data processed by a computer

What is the purpose of a cash register receipt?

To process data into information

What is the role of a computer in processing data?

To perform calculations and generate output

Study Notes

What is a Computer?

  • A computer is a device that performs calculations and operations on data.

Data Processing

  • A computer takes in data, processes it, stores it, and produces output.
  • The computer performs operations on data, such as calculations, comparisons, and transformations.

Input in Computing

  • In the context of a computer, "input" refers to the data or information entered into the computer for processing.

Role of a Cash Register Receipt

  • A cash register receipt serves as a record of a transaction, providing evidence of the transaction details.

Computer's Role in Data Processing

  • The primary role of a computer in processing data is to take in input, process it using algorithms and logic, and produce output in a usable form.

Test your knowledge on the latest technologies in computers and devices with this quiz. Explore digital technology, data, and devices in module 1 of Discovering Computers 2018.

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