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Which province is NOT part of CALABARZON?


What is the regional center of CALABARZON?


Which region was Calabarzon part of before its creation as a region?

Southern Tagalog

Which region is known for its specialty of distilled coconut wine?


What is the main ingredient in the dish sinantol, sinantolan or sinantulan?


What is the key ingredient used to make blanched fiddlehead ferns in the dish pako salad?

Salted duck eggs

Which region is known for its unique food finds like goto, adobong dilaw, bulalo, and fried tawilis?


What gives adobong dilaw its bright yellow tint and earthy flavor?

Fresh turmeric

What is the main ingredient in panutsa, a nutty dessert-snack?

Unrefined cane sugar

Which region is known for its barako coffee, a strong and flavorful coffee made from liberica coffee beans?


Which dish is traditionally served only once every year on Good Friday in Cavite?


What is the main ingredient in Pancit Puso, a dish from Cavite?

Puso ng saging (heart of banana)

Which dish is a popular choice as pasalubong from Cavite, but has become a rarity because it is tedious to make?


Which province is known for its Buko Pie, a traditional Filipino coconut custard cake?


Test your knowledge on Batangas cuisine and discover the unique flavors of this region in the Philippines. From the famous Batangas goto to their version of adobo, this quiz will challenge your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons. Explore the rich culinary heritage of Batangas and see how well you know their delicious dishes.

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