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Where was Maria Montessori born?


What was Maria Montessori's original career intention?


At what age did Maria Montessori become directress of a tax-supported school?


What was Maria Montessori's great triumph?

Presenting children from mental institutions at examinations

What is the title of Maria Montessori's book?

The Montessori Method

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Maria Montessori's Life and Career

  • Maria Montessori was born in Rome, Italy.
  • Her original career intention was to study medicine, and she eventually became a doctor.
  • At the age of 26, Maria Montessori became the directress of a tax-supported school, the Orthophrenic School in Rome.
  • Maria Montessori's great triumph was the development of a new method of teaching children, which she discovered through her work with special needs children.
  • Her book, "The Montessori Method", outlines her approach to education and childcare.

Test your knowledge on Maria Montessori and her groundbreaking educational approach with this quiz. Learn about her background, achievements, and the impact she had on the field of education.

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