Disaster and Emergency Management Week 1: Definition of Disaster

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What does EM-DAT* record at the country level for disasters?

Human and economic losses for disasters with at least 10 fatalities

What is the impact of a natural disaster?

Significant harm to a community

What are the criteria for disasters recorded by EM-DAT*?

10 fatalities; 100 affected people; a declaration of state of emergency; a call for international assistance

What do disasters affect in communities?

Daily life and activities

What is the definition of a natural disaster?

The negative impact of a natural hazard on a community

Which of the following is an example of a geophysical natural disaster?


What is the potential occurrence of a natural phenomenon that may adversely affect human life, property, or activity to the extent of causing a disaster known as?


What is a set of conditions resulting from physical, social, economic, and environmental factors which increase susceptibility to losses from the impact of natural hazards known as?


What is the expected losses to a community when a hazard event occurs, including lives lost, persons injured, property damaged, and economic activities disrupted known as?


What is the term for the occurrence of a natural phenomenon that has caused damage over time and for which precautions using advanced technologies can be taken?


Learn about the definition of disasters, their impact, hazards, risks, vulnerability, and capacity in the context of emergency management. This quiz is part of the course taught by Prof. Dr. Oya Yazıcı Çakın for the 2023-2024 Fall 2010-2011 semester.

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