Direct Method vs Grammar-Translation Method

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What is a key feature of the direct method of teaching a foreign language?

Classroom instruction is conducted exclusively in the target language.

How does the direct method teach new vocabulary?

By using known words and realia.

What approach does the direct method take towards grammar instruction?

Inductive teaching of grammar.

What type of activities replace the textbook in the direct method of teaching?

Reading aloud and question-answer exercises.

How does correct pronunciation receive attention in the direct method?

With careful emphasis given to pronunciation.

What is the role of the teacher in the direct method regarding grammar?

To demonstrate without translating or explaining grammar rules.

How does the direct method introduce new teaching points?

Orally and without explicit grammar rules.

What type of comprehension skills are emphasized in the direct method?

Both speech and listening comprehension.

How does the direct method teach vocabulary?

Using known words, demonstration, realia, pictures, and miming.

What kind of teaching activities are used in place of a textbook in the direct method?

Question-answer exercises.

Explore the differences between the Direct Method and the Grammar-Translation Method in foreign language teaching. Learn about using the target language actively in the classroom and inducing grammar rules through examples rather than translation.

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