Direct Method in Language Teaching

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What is primarily emphasized over grammar in language teaching through the Direct Method?


What is the nature of student–teacher interaction in the Direct Method?

Bidirectional between teacher and students

How are student errors typically handled by the teacher in the Direct Method?

Self-correction is encouraged

What language skill is considered basic in language teaching through the Direct Method?

Oral communication

What is the role of the students' native language according to the Direct Method?

It should not be used in the classroom

What is a key goal of teachers who use the Direct Method?

Encouraging students to think in the target language

How do teachers using the Direct Method introduce new target language words or phrases?

By showing realia, pictures, or pantomime to demonstrate meaning

How are grammar rules typically taught in the Direct Method?

Inductively, with students figuring out rules from examples

What is the role of students in the Direct Method compared to the Grammar-Translation Method?

Less passive

What is the basis for the syllabus used in the Direct Method?

Situations or topics

Study Notes

The Direct Method

  • Prioritization of Communication: In the Direct Method, communication skills are primarily emphasized over grammar rules.
  • Student-Teacher Interaction: The teacher acts as a facilitator, encouraging student participation and using authentic materials to stimulate conversation.

Error Correction

  • Error Handling: The teacher corrects student errors indirectly, avoiding explicit corrections and instead using gestures, mime, or other non-verbal cues to guide students towards correct language use.

Language Skills

  • Basic Language Skill: Speech is considered the basic language skill in the Direct Method.

Native Language Role

  • Native Language: The students' native language is avoided as much as possible in the Direct Method.

Teacher Goals

  • Teacher Goal: A key goal of teachers using the Direct Method is to help students develop the ability to think in the target language.

Vocabulary Introduction

  • Introducing New Words: New target language words or phrases are introduced through demonstration, mime, or visual aids, allowing students to infer meanings from context.

Grammar Teaching

  • Grammar Instruction: Grammar rules are not explicitly taught in the Direct Method; instead, students learn grammar naturally through context and practice.

Student Role

  • Student Autonomy: In the Direct Method, students are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process, unlike the Grammar-Translation Method where students are more passive.

Syllabus Basis

  • Syllabus Basis: The syllabus in the Direct Method is based on the needs and interests of the students, with a focus on functional language use.

Discover the goals of teachers who use the Direct Method and the roles of both teachers and students in the language learning process. Explore how communication skills and thinking in the target language are emphasized.

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