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What did Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli define as the role of diplomacy in international relations?

A form of cheating and hypocrisy

What did Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu emphasize as crucial in diplomacy?

Establishing permanent relations

According to Headley Bull, what does diplomacy involve?

The conduct of relations through official policies

Which event is considered an example of the new period diplomacy according to the text?

The French Revolution

In ancient Greek diplomacy, what role did diplomats commonly hold?

Messengers or ambassadors

What is the main purpose of diplomacy according to the text?

To preserve peace by preventing conflicts

What did Henry Kissinger describe as the essence of modern diplomacy?

Maintaining a balance of power between war and peace

Who is credited with the theory that 'The peaceful conduct of relations between states is called diplomacy'?


In which sense is diplomacy defined as active diplomatic consultations and agreements conducted by a country's foreign ministry and through embassies?

Diplomacy in the narrow sense

Which of the following international organizations is mentioned in the text as an example of diplomacy in a broad sense?


What is the etymological origin of the word 'diplomacy' mentioned in the text?

Greek word 'diploö'

Which sub-discipline of international relations views diplomacy as a determining factor in foreign policy?

Political science

Test your knowledge on diplomacy and its role in foreign policy and international relations. Learn about the importance of diplomacy in maintaining peace and preventing conflicts between countries.

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