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What technology did Danneels (2004) define as changing the bases of competition by altering performance metrics?

Disruptive digital technologies

Which company founded in 1998 evolved to become associated with the pay-per-click search market?

What was Hotmail known for in its marketing strategy before being purchased by Microsoft in 1997?

Viral marketing

In the context of innovation, what does the World Wide Web primarily refer to?

Technique for publishing information

Which type of devices are included in mobile communications as mentioned in the text?


What aspect has Google's service evolved to include since 1998, as mentioned in the text?

Web mail

What is the primary focus of the chapter on Digital Business?

Studying approaches to assess digital technologies and devise strategies to exploit opportunities

According to the passage, what was the significance of Sir Tim Berners-Lee's creation in 1991?

It was the first step towards the development of the World Wide Web

What is one of the practical risks mentioned in the chapter that needs to be managed in digital business?

Managing security risks

Which statement best describes the author's perspective on digital business?

It is a rapidly evolving field with constant innovation and new challenges

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an example of a well-known company that has adapted to digital technologies?


What is the primary focus of the chapter in terms of digital business opportunities?

Studying approaches to assess the relevance of digital technologies and exploit opportunities

Study Notes

Digital Business Evolution

  • Since 1998, Google's service has developed significantly, now indexing billions of pages and offering various services like web mail, pay-per-click adverts, analytics, shopping services, social networks, and artificial intelligence.
  • The Internet is a physical network linking computers globally, comprising network servers and communication links that hold and transport data between client devices and web servers.

Key Concepts

  • World Wide Web (WWW) is the most common technique for publishing information on the Internet, accessed through desktop or mobile web browsers.
  • Mobile communications involve digital business processes and communications using mobile devices with various forms of wireless connection (e.g., wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, and satellite).
  • Disruptive digital technologies offer opportunities for new products and services, transforming business processes and changing the bases of competition.

Definition of Disruptive Technologies

  • According to Danneels (2004), disruptive technologies are those that change the bases of competition by changing performance metrics, driven by customer needs and influencing customer choices.

Innovation Timeline

  • 1994: Amazon, a retailer, was founded.
  • 1995: Yahoo! (directory and portal), eBay (online auction), and AltaVista (search engine) were founded.
  • 1996: Hotmail (web-based email) was founded, introducing viral marketing through email signatures.
  • 1998: (pay-per-click search market) was founded, later becoming Overture in 2001.

Introduction to Digital Business

  • Organisations have been adapting to technology opportunities based on the Internet, World Wide Web, and mobile communications innovations for over 25 years.
  • Deploying disruptive digital technologies offers opportunities for innovative businesses to transform their services and organisations.
  • Digital business involves assessing the relevance of digital technologies, devising strategies to exploit opportunities, and managing risks such as customer service, privacy, and security.

Test your knowledge about the transformative impact of digital technologies on organisations over the past 25 years, starting from the creation of the first website by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. Explore how businesses have leveraged technologies like the Internet, World Wide Web, and mobile communications for innovation.

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