Digestive System: Understanding the Process and Organs

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What occurs during the metaphase stage of cell division?

Chromosomes line up across the center of the cell and become attached to the spindle fibers.

What is the primary function of cytokinesis?

To divide the cytoplasm to form two separate daughter cells.

What is the main difference between mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis produces daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes, while meiosis produces daughter cells with half the number of chromosomes.

What is the purpose of a Punnett Square?

To predict the outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment.

What type of inheritance is responsible for traits like human height or skin color?

Polygenic inheritance

Which type of traits are determined by genes found on the sex chromosomes?

Sex-linked traits

What is the process of breaking down food into smaller nutrients that can be absorbed by the body?


Which part of the digestive system is responsible for mechanical digestion and saliva production?


Which organs produce digestive enzymes?

Liver and pancreas

During which stage of the cell cycle does the cell grow and replicate its DNA?


What is the process of absorbing the products of digestion into the bloodstream or lymph?


What is the stage of cell division where the chromosomes condense and become visible?


Test your knowledge of the digestive system, including its organs and their functions. Learn about mechanical digestion, nutrient absorption, and waste formation. This quiz covers the basics of the digestive system, making it a great resource for biology students.

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