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Diagnosis of Infection - Importance of Correct Specimen Labelling and Packaging

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What is the importance of correct specimen labelling and packaging by clinicians?

Avoiding errors and reducing infection risks to staff

Which of the following is NOT a common microbiology specimen mentioned in the text?


What are examples of non-routine samples mentioned in the text?

Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

How can clinicians discern between rapid initial tests and culture-based tests?

By the specificity of the results

What is the general principle emphasized regarding specimen requests?

Garbage in garbage out – must label and send appropriate specimen

What are some modern advances in laboratory diagnosis mentioned in the text?

Molecular diagnosis and MALDI-TOF

Which phase of laboratory testing involves specimen acquisition, identification, handling, and transport?


Which special consideration is highlighted for microbiology specimens in the text?

Notorious pathogens from specific regions can infect laboratory workers

What is a key activity that can be performed on unfixed microbiology specimens?

Fluorescence microscopy

Which travel destination is linked to Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi according to the text?

India, Pakistan, Nepal

What type of microscopy is historically used for diagnosing viruses?

Electron microscopy

Which phase of laboratory testing requires solid agar media and broth for culture?


What type of medium does Inactivating Viral Transport Medium contain?

Guanidine thiocyanate

Which specimen is NOT commonly collected in Molecular Transport Media or Inactivating Viral Transport Medium?


What does the brownish-red color indicator likely suggest in the context provided?

Presence of BSA

What is the main function of the molecular transport media used for SARS-CoV-2 samples?

Preserving nucleic acid

Which type of sample is noted to be better than a swab for anaerobes?


What is present in the viral transport medium to maintain virus viability?

Bovine serum

What is the commonest specimen type in Microbiology for diagnosing urinary tract infections?

Mid stream urine (MSU)

In which type of urine sample would treatment not always be required due to infection?

Catheter specimen urine (CSU)

What is required for diagnosing pneumonia using respiratory tract specimens?

Gram stain and culture

Which method is used for replacing Urine Microscopy in Urine Flow Cytometry?

Laser scattering and fluorescence counting

What is the purpose of adding boric acid to urine samples in Flow Cytometry?

To prevent cell integrity loss

In MALDI-TOF bacterial identification, what is the technique based on?

DNA analysis

Which of the following is NOT a diagnostic modality for infecting pathogens as mentioned in the text?


What is the key component required to have a pure culture of blood culture bottle contents?

Solid culture media

Which method is used to identify specific pathogens in blood culture broth as per the information provided?

Biochemical profile (API)

What is indicated by the production of carbon dioxide turning the sensor yellow in the context of blood culture technology?

Positive bacterial growth

Which statement about laboratory reports on blood cultures is TRUE based on the information provided?

'Skin organisms grown' are typically non-pathogenic

Which technique is NOT mentioned as part of the diagnostic modalities for infecting pathogens in the information provided?

Inoculating loop

Learn about the significance of correct specimen labelling and packaging in infection diagnosis, including avoiding errors, providing clinical information, and reducing infection risks. Understand common microbiology specimens like urines and swabs, and differentiate between sterile and non-sterile sites.

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