Developmental Approach to Counseling

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What is the primary focus of the Developmental Approach in counseling?

Emphasizing prevention and education

Which theory is NOT associated with the Developmental Approach in counseling?

Cognitive-Behavioral Theory

What is the basis for treatment plans in the Medical/Pathological Model of counseling?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

What is the key concept in the Developmental Approach that emphasizes the ability to recover after setbacks and trauma?


What is the primary focus of licensure?

Granting permission to engage in a specific occupation

What is the focus of the counselor in the Medical/Pathological Model of counseling?

Treating mental disorders

What is a benefit of using the DSM system in counseling, according to the Medical/Pathological Model?

Establishing accountability and credibility

In the Medical Model, who is responsible for solving the client's problem?

The counselor

What is the Enlightenment Model primarily concerned with?

Holding clients responsible for causing their problems

What is the term for what a counselor attributes the cause of a client's problem to?


In the Compensatory Model, who is responsible for causing the client's problem?

External circumstances

What is the term for a unified and organized set of ideas, principles, and behaviors in counseling?


What is the primary purpose of engaging in self-assessment in counseling?

To recognize and manage personal stressors and relaxers

What is the primary goal of the inspection process in credentialing for counselors?

To ensure public safety and welfare

Which level of helping relationships involves workers with formal education and training in human relations skills?

Generalist human-service workers

Which of the following is a strategy for promoting wellness and resilience in counseling?

Modifying environmental stressors

What is the main difference between certification and registration in counselor credentialing?

Certification is a limited license, while registration is not

Which of the following is a key component of working smarter, not necessarily longer, in counseling?

Periodically examining and clarifying counseling roles and expectations

Explore the principles of the developmental approach to counseling, which focuses on preventing problems and promoting wellness. Learn how this approach emphasizes human growth and development, and how it can help individuals recover from setbacks and trauma.

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