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Dentine Structure and Function

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Who is credited with defining the term 'dentine' in the 1840s?

Sir Richard Owen

What was the previous term used to describe the tissue that forms the bulk of the teeth?

All of the above

What is the main component of the tooth that dentine forms?

The chief part or body of the tooth

What is the name of the book where Sir Richard Owen proposed the term 'dentine'?


What is another notable achievement of Sir Richard Owen?

He founded the Natural History Museum in South Kensington

What is the term that Sir Richard Owen is also credited with inventing?


What is the percentage of inorganic material in mature dentine?


What is the effect of etching on enamel and dentine during treatments?

Etching leaves behind a roughened surface for bonding on enamel, but a soft collagen layer on dentine

What is the primary function of dentine and pulp in each tooth?

All of the above

What is the characteristic feature of dentine?

Dentinal tubules

What is the difference in radiopacity between dentine and bone in radiographs?

Dentine is more radiopaque than bone

What type of collagen is the main component of organic material in mature dentine?

Type 1 collagen

What is the characteristic of root dentine?

Has a mantle dentine

What is the purpose of the hyaline layer?

To bond dentine to cementum

What is the characteristic of the granular layer of Tomes?

It is hypomineralized

What is the result of neighbouring calcospherites failing to merge?

Formation of globular dentine

What is the thickness of the hyaline layer?

Around 10 microns thick

What is the appearance of the hyaline layer in thin section?


What is the most characteristic feature of dentine?

Dentinal tubules

What is found in the dentinal tubules?

Odontoblast processes, peritubular fluid, nerve filaments, and more dentine

What is unique about dentine compared to enamel?

It is a living tissue, even after tooth eruption

What happens to the odontoblasts as they produce dentine?

They migrate away from the dentine secretory front

What is one type of dentine curvature?

Primary (S-bends)

What is one type of dentine based on its properties?

Intertubular dentine

What is the main difference between primary and secondary dentine?

Rate of development

What triggers the deposition of reactionary dentine?

External stimuli such as caries or trauma

What is the characteristic of reparative dentine?

Irregular and tubule-poor

What is the result of sclerotic/translucent dentine formation?

Decreased permeability of dentine

What is the appearance of sclerotic/translucent dentine?


When does sclerotic/translucent dentine typically occur?

Naturally with age

Learn about the chemical and structural composition of dentine, its major components, types, and roles in maintaining a tooth. Get familiar with the basics of dentine in this quiz!

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