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In which country did Deal or No Deal originate?


What is the final round of the game show called?

Main game

What is the titular question asked to the contestant?

Deal or no deal?

What determines the offers made by the 'Banker'?

The amounts remaining in play and the contestant's demeanor

Why are the offers from the 'Banker' usually less than the expected value dictated by probability theory?

To promote suspense and lengthen games

What is the probability of a player winning the top prize?


What kind of professionals have shown interest in the show as a natural decision-making experiment?

Mathematicians, statisticians, and economists

Where are the DOND games available?

At Virtue Fusion powered bingo brands

Do all countries have a preliminary contest to determine the final contestant?

It depends on the country

Study Notes

Deal or No Deal TV Show Format

  • Deal or No Deal is a television game show format that originated in the Netherlands as "Miljoenenjacht".
  • The game is centered around a final round known as the "case game" or "main game" where contestants choose from up to 26 cases containing randomly assigned sums of money.
  • The contestant starts by claiming (or being assigned) one case or box without its contents being revealed.
  • The remaining cases are opened one at a time, and the player is offered an amount of money or prizes to quit the game at the end of each round.
  • The contestant is asked the titular question, "Deal or no deal?" and if they reject every deal and eliminate all the other cases, they keep the money that was in the original case or box.
  • The gameplay differs from country to country, with some having a preliminary contest to determine the final contestant, while others have only one preselected contestant.
  • The offers from the "Banker" are based on the amounts remaining in play and the contestant's demeanor.
  • The offers are usually less than the expected value dictated by probability theory, particularly early in the game, to promote suspense and lengthen games.
  • The Banker's offer increases if lower values are eliminated and decreases if upper values are eliminated.
  • The chances of a player winning the top prize are 4-5%, depending on how many amounts are in the game.
  • The show has attracted attention from mathematicians, statisticians, and economists as a natural decision-making experiment.
  • The range of DOND games is available at Virtue Fusion powered bingo brands, such as bet365, Gala Bingo, Ladbrokes, Mecca Bingo, and William Hill.

Think you know everything about the hit TV show "Deal or No Deal"? Test your knowledge with our quiz! From the origins of the game to the odds of winning the top prize, this quiz will challenge your understanding of one of the world's most popular game show formats. So, come on down and try your luck - will you make the right deal or leave empty-handed? Play now and find out!

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