David Copperfield: Summary

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Who does David become best friends with while living with Mr. Wickfield?


What career does Miss Betsey persuade David to pursue?


Who does Little Em’ly run off with, believing he will make her a lady?


What does Mr. Spenlow forbid Dora from doing?

Marrying David

Who facilitates a reconciliation between Doctor Strong and his wife, Annie?

Mr. Dick

Where do Little Em'ly and Mr. Peggotty decide to move to?


Who saves the day by exposing Uriah Heep’s fraud against Mr. Wickfield?

Mr. Micawber

What tragic event occurs involving Ham during a powerful storm?

He is lost at sea

'Who does David eventually marry?' - Which of the following is true about the answer?

She harbored secret love for David

Who does David Copperfield live happily with as a young boy?

His mother and his nurse, Peggotty

What act leads to David being sent away to school by the Murdstones?

Biting Mr. Murdstone's hand

Where does David meet Peggotty's brother, Mr. Peggotty, and his adopted children?


Who runs the school, Salem House, that David attends?

Mr. Creakle

Which friend of David mismanages his finances, leading to troubles with creditors?

Mr. Micawber

Who advises Miss Betsey Trotwood to take in David as her only living relative?

Mr. Dick

What business does David work at under Mr. Murdstone?

Wine-bottling business

Who does David idolize among his friends at Salem House?

James Steerforth

What happens to David's mother during his childhood?

She dies

Where does David finally find refuge after escaping Mr. Murdstone's neglect?

Miss Betsey Trotwood's home

In Dickens's novel, which character's attempts to improve their spouse's character lead to negative consequences?

Mr. Murdstone

How does Dickens portray the concept of equality in marriages based on the text?

Marriages can only succeed if both spouses are equal and not subjugated.

According to Dickens, what does wealth and class indicate about a person's character in his society?

Wealth and class are unreliable indicators of character and morality.

What societal belief regarding poverty does Dickens challenge in his novel?

Poverty results from society's unfairness, not personal failings.

Which character exemplifies a gentle and respectful approach towards their spouse in the novel?

Doctor Strong

What does Dickens suggest by depicting a marriage where power is shared between a man and a woman?

A balance of power in marriage points towards empowered women.

What is the primary theme surrounding the treatment of vulnerable individuals in David Copperfield?

Powerful individuals often exploit the weak and helpless.

How does Dickens portray the suffering of his characters in David Copperfield?

Characters endure arbitrary suffering at the hands of more powerful entities.

In what way do the weak characters in David Copperfield typically address their oppressors?

By seeking refuge with equally powerful allies.

Why is David able to be exploited by Mr. Murdstone as factory labor?

Due to David's small size and dependence on Mr. Murdstone.

How do children deprived of their natural parents fare in David Copperfield?

They suffer at the hands of their protectors due to lack of care.

What does David do when faced with Mr. Murdstone's authority?

Seeks help from Miss Betsey, a financially stable ally.

What is a characteristic of Dickens's works as described in the text?

Encyclopaedic knowledge of London

In the arts, what does realism primarily focus on according to the text?

Close observation of outward appearances

What is a distinguishing feature of David Copperfield, according to the text?

Semiautobiographical nature

What distinguishes an essay from a dissertation or thesis as per the text?

Limited and personal point of view

What artistic quality does realism typically reject based on the text?

Imaginative idealization

What is a key aspect of Dickens's prose style according to the text?

Inventive and individualistic

What event significantly impacted Charles Dickens's life at the age of 12?

Being forced to work in a factory

In what year did Charles Dickens write the novel 'A Christmas Carol'?


Which novel by Charles Dickens expresses uneasiness about the evils of Victorian industrial society?

Dombey and Son

Where did Charles Dickens pass away?

Gad's Hill, near Chatham, Kent

Which novel by Charles Dickens reflects a semi-autobiographical portrayal?

David Copperfield

What was the title of the first publication that marked the beginning of Charles Dickens's fiction career?

'Sketches by 'Boz''

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on the summary of the novel 'David Copperfield'. Explore key events and characters from the story about David's upbringing and challenges he faces.

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