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In the second example, how did they ensure that StudentAdvisor is fully functionally dependent on StudentID?

By removing the StudentMajor attribute

In the table with the primary key as (StudentID, CourseID), which attribute is a partial dependency?


In the table with the candidate key as (CourseID, Semester), which attribute is a transitive dependency?


Which of the following best describes normalization in the database design process?

Evaluating and correcting table structures to minimize data redundancies

Which normal form assigns attributes to tables based on determination?

Second normal form (2NF)

What is the purpose of denormalization?

To generate information efficiently

Which of the following statements about normal forms is true?

Higher normal forms are better than lower normal forms

Which attribute represents the number of hours an employee worked on a specific project?


What is the purpose of normalization in database design?

To eliminate data redundancies

What is a surrogate key?

A numeric value that is incremented for each new row

What should be done before creating table structures in database design?

Meet the required normal form

Which normal form requires that there are no transitive dependencies?

Third normal form (3NF)

What is the correct definition of functional dependence?

Attribute A determines attribute B if each value of A determines one and only one value of B

What is the main purpose of converting a dataset to First Normal Form (1NF)?

To eliminate multi-valued attributes

What is the correct term for a group of multiple entries of the same type that can exist for any single key attribute occurrence?

Repeating group

Which of the following best describes the purpose of normalization in database design?

To improve the existing data structure and create an appropriate database design

What does it mean for a table to be in 3NF?

No data item will be unnecessarily stored in more than one table

How does the normalization process work?

It works one relation at a time and identifies the dependencies of a relation

Which of the following best describes functional dependence in a table?

The relationship between attributes in a table

Which of the following is a recommended naming convention for entity names in data modeling?

They should be unique within the model

What should attribute names in data modeling be descriptive of?

The characteristic

What should relationship names in data modeling be?

Active or passive verbs that indicate the nature of the relationship

What should each entity represent in data modeling?

A single subject

What should be clearly defined for each entity instance in data modeling?


What should all entities be in data modeling?


Which normal form describes a tabular format in which all key attributes are defined, there are no multi-valued attributes, and all attributes are dependent on the primary key?

First Normal Form (1NF)

When does the conversion to Second Normal Form (2NF) occur?

Only when the First Normal Form (1NF) has a composite primary key

In order to achieve Second Normal Form (2NF), what should be done to tables with partial dependencies?

Make new tables to eliminate partial dependencies

What is the purpose of creating a separate table for the 'Publishers' in the Third Normal Form (3NF) conversion?

To eliminate transitive dependencies

This quiz focuses on understanding the structure of a dataset and utilizing PROJ_NUM and EMP_NUM values to find job classifications and hourly charges. It also covers the HOURS attribute representing employee work hours and the CHG_HOUR attribute for hourly charges. Test your knowledge on dataset structure and analysis!

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