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What is a foreign key within a tuple used for?

To contain values of the referenced tuple's primary key

In relational theory, which mathematical concept is utilized for data management?

Set theory

What is the purpose of a data model in database management?

To logically organize real world objects, their constraints, and relationships

Which concept represents the behavior of an object in an object-oriented data model?


What does encapsulation refer to in object-oriented data modeling?

State and behavior of an object are accessed only through message passing

What is an attribute in an object-oriented data model?

An instance variable representing a property of an object

What is the most widely deployed model for storing data in databases?

Relational data model

Which data model provides a convenient graphical representation for viewing data, relationships, and constraints in database design?

Entity Relationship (E-R) data model

What type of language enables users to access or manipulate data by specifying only what data are needed, without specifying how to get that data?

Nonprocedural DML

Which subsystem of a database system provides the interface between low-level data in the database and application programs/queries?

Storage manager subsystem

What is a language for specifying the database schema and other properties of the data in a database system?

Data-Definition Language (DDL)

Which type of language compiles and executes Data-Definition Language (DDL) and Data-Manipulation Language (DML) statements in a database system?

Query processor subsystem

What are data models that show the relationships between data records within a file structure called?

Hierarchical data models

Which aspect is an advantage of the hierarchical data model?

Data security

What is a disadvantage of the hierarchical data model?

Implementation complexity

Which type of data model provides a logical link between parent segments and child segments?

Hierarchical data models

What aspect makes the hierarchical data model suitable for databases with a large number of 1:N relationships?

Data integrity

Which term refers to the structures and access techniques provided by a specific DBMS?

Data model

This quiz covers topics related to database data models including the relational data model, object-oriented model, and data manipulation languages (DML) such as nonprocedural DMLs. Test your understanding of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships, semantics, and constraints.

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