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What is the primary goal of data science?

To uncover useful information hidden in data

Which stage of the Data Science Life Cycle involves analyzing data bias, pattern, and distribution?

Data analysis

Which tool is known as an open-source language for statistical computing and graphs?

R studio

What is the primary purpose of a data set in data science?

To verify the ability of a model to generalize

What type of data set includes group of data about a specific topic obtained from different sources?


What does the data processing stage of the Data Science Life Cycle involve?

Cleaning, sorting, and transforming data before storing

What is the primary difference between the 'Validation' and 'Test' datasets?

Validation dataset is used to measure model performance, while the Test dataset contains unknown data for evaluating the model's performance.

What is the main objective of Dimensionality Reduction in machine learning?

To remove irrelevant and redundant information from the data.

In machine learning, what does Transfer Learning involve?

Re-using a pre-trained neural network and adapting it to a similar task.

What is the primary function of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in machine learning?

To enable computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language in a valuable manner.

What is the key purpose of Ensemble Methods in machine learning?

To reduce both bias and variance of a learning model.

What is the main objective of Anomaly Detection in unsupervised learning?

To identify unusual data points or patterns that deviate from normal behavior within a dataset.

What is the purpose of the 'Validation' dataset?

To measure performance of known data against algorithms

Which process involves filtering data from unwanted entries such as irrelevant, duplicated, and missing data?

Data Cleaning

What is the primary objective of supervised learning?

Make predictions based on input and output data

Which machine learning method is used to compress data using fewer numbers?

Dimensionality reduction

What is a key requirement for deep learning to capture non-linear patterns?

Large quantities of data and computer power (GPU)

In which area does machine learning play a role in capturing non-linear patterns?

Word Embedding in natural language processing

What is the primary focus of an adaptable defense system in cybersecurity?

Gaining information about new attacks

Test your knowledge of the field training in data science, which combines math, statistics, and programming to uncover useful information hidden in data. Learn about the data science life cycle, including data ingestion and data processing.

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