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What does sampling frame refer to?

The list of the members of the population to which the researcher wants to generalize

What is sample unit in the context of the given text?

The individuals in the population

According to Babbie (2016), what factor should a researcher consider when selecting respondents for a study?

Sample size

What does sample size refer to?

How small or big the sample size is

What is population in the context of research?

A huge group of people where you can choose a sample

What is meant by ‘representatives of a certain population’ in the context of sampling?

The method of acquiring representatives of a certain population

What is the recommended confidence level for researchers to achieve?

0.05 level

Which sampling technique is prone to bias due to the use of pre-selected samples?

Non-probability sampling

What kind of population consists of individuals with varied capabilities and characteristics?

Heterogeneous population

Which statistical technique determines the accuracy and exactness of the samples?

Statistical Techniques

What type of sampling method relies on the researcher's selection of respondents on pure chance?

Simple-random Sampling

What is the type of sampling technique that subdivides the sample into sub-groups during the stage of data analysis?

Stratified Sampling

Which method chooses a sample that later on be subdivided into sub-groups during the stage of data analysis?

Stratified Sampling

What is the type of sampling scheme in which sample members from a larger population are chosen according to a random starting point and a fixed, periodic interval?

Systematic Sampling

What is the method of choosing respondents in clusters, rather than as separate individuals?

Cluster Sampling

What type of method divides a sample of people based on their religious affiliation, age, and others?

Stratified Sampling

Test your knowledge on the methods of acquiring representative samples from a population for research purposes. Understand key concepts such as population, sample, and sampling frame.

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