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What is the main characteristic of 1-Tier Architecture in DBMS?

The database is directly available to the user, client, server, and Database are all present on the same machine.

Why is 1-Tier Architecture considered cost-effective?

No additional hardware is required for implementing 1-Tier Architecture.

Which architecture is mostly used in small projects due to its simplicity?

1-Tier Architecture.

What type of model is 2-Tier Architecture similar to?

Basic client-server model.

What is responsible for providing query processing and transaction management functionalities in 2-Tier Architecture?

Server side.

What are the APIs used for interaction between the client and server in 2-Tier Architecture?


Why do industries prefer 2-Tier and 3-Tier Architecture over 1-Tier Architecture?

Industries prefer them logically for their operations.

In which architecture can the user run user interfaces and application programs at the client end?

2-Tier Architecture.

What is the advantage of 1-Tier Architecture in terms of deployment?

It can be easily deployed.

Why is 1-Tier Architecture considered to have a simple architecture?

It requires only a single machine to maintain.

Explore your knowledge of data models in Database Management Systems (DBMS) with this quiz. Test your understanding of how data models serve as blueprints for well-structured databases, defining data elements, relationships, and constraints.

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