Data Collection Methods

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What is the primary purpose of data collection?

To answer relevant research questions

What is a common feature of data collection in all fields?

Data collection is a systematic process

What is the result of data collection?

Research questions are answered

What is associated with data collection?

All fields of study

What is involved in the data collection process?

Gathering and measuring information

What is the primary goal of setting goals in data gathering?

To decide how to analyze the data once collected

What is the purpose of triangulation in data gathering?

To collect more than one type of data from different perspectives

What is the primary benefit of conducting a pilot study?

To test the methodology and procedures of the main study

When is informed consent typically required in data gathering?

When appropriate, especially in studies involving human participants

What is the primary consideration when deciding on the number of participants needed in a study?

The goal of the study

Test your knowledge of data collection, a research component in various fields. Learn about gathering and measuring information on targeted variables to answer research questions and evaluate outcomes.

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