Data Classification and Types

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What step in the incident response process is the administrator following when they image the operating system to a known-good version?


What security practice is being followed when a company places a SCADA system on a segmented network with limited access?

Least privilege

What type of attack is being described in the security log that shows multiple failed password attempts from the same IP address?

Brute force

What process is being described when a user's laptop is moved to a private VLAN and updates are automatically installed?

Configuration enforcement

What is the primary goal of data loss prevention (DLP) systems?

Preventing data loss

What is the purpose of DNS filtering in an organization?

Content filtering

What type of data is typically not shared with other organizations or businesses?

Trade secrets

Which of the following is a requirement for the security team to implement according to the insurance company's policy?

Access records from all devices must be saved and archived

What is the primary goal of implementing time-of-day restrictions on the authentication server?

To limit access to data during non-working hours

Which of the following is a recommended implementation to meet the insurance company's policy requirement for data access?

Restrict login access by IP address and GPS location

What is the primary benefit of consolidating all logs on a SIEM?

To create a centralized location for log analysis

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for the security team to implement according to the insurance company's policy?

Require government-issued identification during the onboarding process

What type of alert would a system administrator receive when access rights are changed on a database containing private customer information?

Change management notification

What is the primary concern of a security administrator regarding external storage drives?

Data exfiltration

What would be the BEST way to prevent data exfiltration using external storage drives?

Create an operating system security policy to block the use of removable media

What type of data would a company's quarterly government reports be classified as?

Regulated data

What would be the purpose of an insurance company's set of policies to handle data breaches?

Incident response

What is the main goal of implementing access control measures on a database containing private customer information?

To protect against unauthorized access

Data classification and types, including government reports and trade secrets, are discussed in this quiz. Understand the differences and importance of data classification.

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