Cybersecurity Threats and Assets

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What can a computer be in the context of an attack?

Either a subject or an object

What is a threat agent?

A specific instance or component of a threat

What is the term for a weakness or fault in a system or protection mechanism?


What is an example of a vulnerability?

A flaw in a software package

What is the term for the value of information coming from its characteristics?

Critical characteristics

What is an example of a critical characteristic of information?


What is a threat in the context of asset protection?

An object, person, or entity that represents a constant anger to an asset

What is the primary purpose of an online registration process for software?

To combat software piracy

What is a type of malware that spreads copies of itself from computer to computer without human interaction?


What is the term for the ownership of ideas and control over the tangible or virtual representation of those ideas?

Intellectual Property

What is the term for a program designed to damage, destroy, or deny service to a target system?

Malicious Code

What is a type of malware that disguises itself as legitimate software, often using social engineering to trick users into installing it?

Trojan Horse

In which countries were high piracy rates previously suggested?

Singapore, Hong Kong, and Pacific Rim countries

What is a reason for piracy disregard mentioned in the study?

Peer pressure

How did respondents view virus hacking and system abuse?

They universally condemned it

In which countries did participants report intolerant attitudes toward personal use of organization computing resources?

Singapore, Hong Kong, and England

What is notable about the Netherlands in terms of piracy rates?

It ranked third in piracy rates among surveyed nations

What may contribute to the low tolerance for illicit system use?

The similarity to common crimes

What is the primary purpose of adware?

To deliver and display advertising banners or popups to the user’s screen

What is the term for attempting to reverse calculate a password?

Password Crack

What is a back door in the context of computer systems?

A legitimate entry point left by system designers or maintenance staff

What is the main difference between a brute force attack and a dictionary attack?

The use of a list of commonly used passwords

What is the result of a successful denial of service attack?

The system becomes overloaded and cannot respond to legitimate requests

What is the purpose of a spyware?

To aid in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge

What is the first commandment of computer ethics?

Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people

What is the main challenge in determining ethical behavior in computer use across cultures?

Different perspectives on ethics among nationalities

What is the term for using another person's protected intellectual property without permission?

Software license infringement

What is the primary concern of the tenth commandment of computer ethics?

Considering social consequences

In which type of court is copyright infringement typically tried?

Federal court

What is the main focus of the third commandment of computer ethics?

Not snooping around in other people's computer files

Learn about the different roles of computers in cyber attacks, and understand the concept of threats in cybersecurity. Identify when a computer can be both the subject and object of an attack, and more.

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