Cybersecurity Concepts and Terminology Quiz

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Which category of attack is an attack against confidentiality?

Social Engineering

Using the concept of defense in depth, what layers might you use to secure yourself against someone removing confidential data from your environment on a USB flash drive?

Encryption and Access Controls

What biometric factor describes how well a characteristic resists change over time?


Which of the following steps might you add to the authentication process to transition from using an identity card to multifactor authentication?

Require a fingerprint scan

Which of the following is NOT a reason why an identity card alone might not be an ideal method of authentication?

Identity cards require additional hardware

Which factors might you consider when implementing a multifactor authentication scheme for users logging onto workstations in secure environments used by multiple people?

User's access privileges

In an environment with a larger number of disabled or injured users, such as a hospital, which authentication factors might you want to use or avoid?

Biometric factors like fingerprint or iris scan

Test your knowledge on cybersecurity concepts and terminology with this quiz! Learn about the difference between vulnerabilities and threats, identify logical controls, understand the importance of data usefulness, and determine the category of attacks against confidentiality. Discover how to assess the security of your environment and explore the concept of defense in depth by identifying the layers used to secure your systems. Challenge yourself and improve your cybersecurity understanding!

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