Cybersecurity Basics

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What is the main purpose of Impact Reduction in the context of cybersecurity?

To minimize the effects of a security breach

What is the term for an attack that combines multiple techniques to compromise a system?

Blended attack

What is the primary goal of OAuth 2.0 in the context of cybersecurity?

To authorize access to resources

What is the term for attacks that target human psychology rather than technical vulnerabilities?

Social engineering

What is the term for the unauthorized use of computing devices or networks to launch cyber-attacks?

External threat

What is the primary reason why cybersecurity is becoming increasingly vital?

To ensure national security and economic stability

What is the primary distinction between online and offline identity?

Offline identity is the person you interact with daily, while online identity is who you present online

What type of information is included in electronic health records (EHRs)?

Medical, mental, and personal information

Why is it important to choose a suitable username or alias for online identity?

To protect your personal information from unwanted attention

What is the primary responsibility of individuals in protecting organizational data?

To protect the organization's reputation and customers

Test your knowledge of cybersecurity fundamentals, including online and offline identity, data protection, and types of threats and attacks. Learn about the consequences of security breaches and the importance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

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