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True or false: The victim is responsible for cyberbullying.


True or false: Responding or retaliating to cyberbullying is recommended.


True or false: Saving evidence of cyberbullying is not necessary.


True or false: It is not advisable to tell the person to stop cyberbullying if you are uncomfortable doing so.


True or false: Giving positive attention to the bully can help stop the cyberbullying.


Study Notes

  • Cyberbullying is not the victim's fault
  • Don't respond or retaliate to cyberbullying
  • Save evidence of cyberbullying
  • Consider telling the person to stop, but only if comfortable doing so
  • Seek help from a trusted friend, relative, or adult
  • Use tech tools to block and report the bully
  • Protect your accounts and passwords
  • Take action if someone you know is being bullied
  • Try to stop the bullying or support the victim
  • Don't pass along mean messages or give positive attention to the bully

Take our Cyberbullying Prevention Quiz and learn how to protect yourself and others from online harassment. With helpful tips and strategies, this quiz will teach you how to recognize cyberbullying, save evidence, and seek help. Discover how to use tech tools, protect your accounts, and take action to stop bullying. Don't miss out on the chance to become a cyberbullying prevention expert and make a positive impact online.

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