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How long was Colonel Rubio's mission in space?

371 days

When did Colonel Rubio receive news about the tomatoes?

Eight months past harvest day

Where did the astronaut Colonel Rubio attend college?

Army West Point

What did Harriet Tubman say about reaching for the stars?

Always remember you have within you, the strength, patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world

What are caucuses used for in the United States?

To select delegates and show support for a presidential candidate by public declaration

How many states and territories in the United States use caucuses?


Why is a candidate's performance in Iowa caucuses significant?

It is often viewed as a test for their campaign strength

What is the significance of Iowa caucuses in predicting the presidential election outcome?

They have historically predicted the outcome of the presidential election

What percentage of Iowa caucus winners have gone on to win their party's nomination for the presidency?


When is the next U.S. presidential primary scheduled after the Iowa caucuses?

January 23rd

Study Notes

Iowa Caucuses and Presidential Predictions

  • Iowa caucuses have historically predicted the outcome of the presidential election, as seen with George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
  • 56% of Iowa caucus winners have gone on to win their party's nomination for the presidency.
  • Recent polls from Michigan and Georgia indicate potential future success for certain candidates in the battleground states.
  • New Hampshire traditionally holds the first U.S. presidential primary after the Iowa caucuses, with the next one scheduled for January 23rd.
  • Dr. Kwane Stewart received the CNN Hero of the Year Award for his work caring for pets of people experiencing homelessness.
  • Stewart started a nonprofit, Project Street Vet, over a decade ago to provide free medical care to pets of homeless owners.
  • Stewart's speech at the award ceremony emphasized the importance of humanity and helping one another.
  • American astronaut Frank Rubio grew and harvested a tomato in space during a record-breaking 371-day stay on the International Space Station.
  • However, Rubio's tomato went missing, adding a mysterious twist to his space gardening endeavor.

Test your knowledge of current events with this quiz covering the Iowa caucuses, presidential predictions, CNN Hero of the Year, and space gardening in the International Space Station. See how much you know about recent political developments, impactful humanitarian work, and curious space happenings.

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