Culture Media in Medical Microbiology

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Which type of media involves adding special substrates and indicators to visually differentiate between different bacteria?

Differential media

Which type of media is specifically used for sensitivity tests like antibiotic, amino acid, and vitamins?

Assay media

On MacConkey agar, how do E. coli colonies typically appear due to lactose fermentation?


Which type of media allows the growth of certain organisms while inhibiting the growth of others?

Selective media

What is the purpose of using TCBS Agar in microbiology?

Isolation of specific bacteria genus like Vibrio cholera

What is the main purpose of using culture media in microbiology?

To provide a suitable environment for the growth of microorganisms outside the body

Which component is responsible for solidifying microbiological media?


What nutrients are essential for the growth of microorganisms in culture media?

Energy source, carbon source, nitrogen source

Why is a suitable pH (around 7.2-7.4) important in culture media?

To mimic the physiological conditions for microbial growth

What is the role of peptone in culture media?

Supply carbon and nitrogen to the media

Why is it important to classify culture media based on consistency?

To determine the appropriate growth conditions for specific microorganisms

What is the main purpose of solid media in bacterial culture?

To isolate, characterize, and identify bacteria

Which agar concentration is typically found in semi-solid media?


What defines an enriched medium in bacterial culture?

Extra nutrients like blood or serum are added to support fastidious bacteria

In the classification based on chemical components, what characterizes semi-synthetic media?

Includes both natural and synthetic substances

What distinguishes liquid or broth media from solid media in bacterial culture?

They do not contain agar and are for the proliferation of bacteria

Which type of culture media is considered a general purpose media in a lab setting?

Peptone water

Explore the purpose and uses of culture media or nutrient media in the field of medical microbiology. Learn how these substances are crucial for growing and studying microorganisms outside the human body.

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