CSE125A Week 4 - CSS Recap & HTML, CSS, JavaScript Overview

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Which CSS property is used to set the maximum width of an element?


What CSS property is employed to change the perspective of 3D transformed elements?


In CSS, which property is used to create a shadow effect around an element's box?


What type of CSS unit is 'em' an example of?

Relative unit

Which CSS property sets the style of the four borders of an element?


What does the 'z-index' property in CSS control?

Element's position in the z-axis

Which CSS unit is relative to the font-size of the element?


Which CSS selector targets different HTML elements using the same specific class attribute value?

Class selector

What is the order of specificity for CSS selectors from least to most specific?

Inline, ID, Class, Element

What is the result of the following CSS styles: main-heading { color: red; } and h1 { color: blue; }?

The text will be red

Which CSS unit is relative to 1% of the width/height of the browser window?


Which CSS selector allows you to target a specific element by its id attribute regardless of its type?

ID selector

What is the purpose of CSS in web development?

To make websites look beautiful by styling HTML elements

Which property is used to set the font family of an HTML element in CSS?


What does the CSS declaration margin: 10px; do?

Sets all four margins (top, right, bottom, left) to 10 pixels

What is the purpose of the @font-face rule in CSS?

To allow the use of custom fonts on a web page

Which CSS property is used to set the border style of an HTML element?


What is the difference between padding and margin in CSS?

Padding is the space between the content and the border, while margin is the space between the border and the outer edge of the element

Recap from Week 3 on how HTML works with CSS and JavaScript. Learn about the foundations of web development with HTML, the styling capabilities of CSS, and the interactive features brought by JavaScript.

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