CSD1130 Game Implementation Techniques Lecture 1: Ball Movement Example

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What does it mean to render objects as many times a second as the game speed?

Objects are updated multiple times per second to reflect their dynamic behavior.

How does the game loop handle the rendering of objects?

A blank frame is prepared at the beginning, followed by rendering each object sequentially.

Why does an object's position at game loop n+1 differ from its position at game loop n?

As a result of continuous movement causing position changes between loops.

What is the purpose of repeating the game loop 60 times per second?

To make the ball's position change slightly from frame to frame, creating an illusion of movement

How is the new position of the ball calculated in the game loop?

Based on a vector that specifies how the position changes along each axis

What happens at the beginning of each game loop?

The display screen is deleted, then the background is displayed, and finally the ball is displayed at its new position

Why is it important for a game to be real-time?

To give the illusion of concurrent events happening at the same time

How does a game achieve the illusion of concurrent events?

By dividing the game loop into 60 pieces per second

What is the role of the game loop in executing concurrent events?

To control concurrent events by repeating iterations every 16.66 milliseconds

Why are game events considered pseudo-parallel?

Because each event happens at a fixed interval of 60 times a second

Learn about game implementation techniques with a focus on ball movement. Explore how to calculate the new position of a ball in a game loop to create smooth motion.

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