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What type of array do crystalline structures have?

Regular, repetitive, and symmetrical

What determines the properties of solid materials in the case of metals?

Type of crystal structure

What term is used to describe the regularity of the structure in crystalline materials?

Long range order

At which stage does the regular pattern break down in the solidification of molten metal?

At the boundaries between the grains

Which type of material has constituent atoms or ions arranged in a regular, repetitive, and symmetrical array?

Crystalline material

Study Notes

Crystalline Structures

  • Crystalline structures have a three-dimensional array.
  • The properties of solid metals are determined by the arrangement of atoms in the crystal lattice.
  • The regularity of the structure in crystalline materials is described by the term "crystallinity".
  • The regular pattern of crystalline structure breaks down at the glass transition stage during the solidification of molten metal.
  • Materials with constituent atoms or ions arranged in a regular, repetitive, and symmetrical array are crystalline materials.

Test your knowledge of the structure of crystalline solids, including the arrangement of constituent atoms, repetitive patterns, and the significance of studying crystal structure.

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