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Match the following terms with their descriptions:

Arbitrage trading = Profiting from price differences in a cryptocurrency trading pair across different markets Crypto arbitrage trading = Involves making money from price differences of cryptocurrencies between different exchanges Algorithmic crypto trading bots = Monitor the prices of cryptocurrencies across various platforms and regions Order book = Lists buy and sell orders for a specific crypto asset

Match the following terms with their meanings:

Price discrepancies = Differences in the price of the same cryptocurrency on different exchanges Price gap = Difference in the price of a cryptocurrency on other exchanges Cryptocurrency trading pair = Pair of cryptocurrencies traded against each other on an exchange Prevailing prices = The most commonly observed prices across exchanges

Match the following terms with their roles:

Traders = Aim to profit from the price differences by buying cryptocurrency at a lower price in one market and selling it at a higher price in another market Buyers and sellers = Bid different prices resulting in mismatched prevailing prices across exchanges Exchanges = Determine cryptocurrency pairs’ prices through an order book Countries worldwide = Where cryptocurrencies are traded across several exchanges

Most blockchain games consist of large-scale projects.


According to Pitchbook's Q3-2023 Gaming Report, blockchain gaming was completely abandoned.


The current state of crypto gaming is very remarkable with numerous successful projects.


Honeyland is a Web3 strategy and resource management game on Ethereum.


In Honeyland, players can potentially stake their HXD tokens for rewards.


What did Karl Blomswell, CEO of Nibiru Software, say about the relationship between games and DeFi?

Games and DeFi go together for most games, not all. In games such as PlanetIX, where there is a tremendous amount of value being transferred between users and also value being accumulated, it makes sense to add a DeFi element to it.

What is the central element of the project in the game Honeyland?


What is one of the leading examples of games that have started implementing ways to gamify DeFi?


What did Game7 report about the majority of blockchain games last year?

Most blockchain games mainly consist of indie or mid-size projects, and over 50 of them were abandoned.

According to Pitchbook's Q3-2023 Gaming Report, what did they reveal about the state of blockchain gaming?

Blockchain gaming was 'forgotten and not gone' in its Q3-2023 Gaming Report.

Study Notes

Overview of Crypto Gaming

  • 2023 was considered the year of realizations in crypto gaming, with developers acknowledging Web3 limitations, games improving, and projects creating realistic roadmaps.
  • Despite slow technological progress, crypto gaming attracted significant investment, with over $1.4 billion raised between May and November 2023, according to Dappradar.

History of Crypto Gaming

  • Blockchain games emerged in 2017 with CryptoKitties, but didn't gain significant attention until 2021 with projects like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and The Sandbox.
  • The growth of these projects was driven by marketers and technological evangelists, leading to a thriving blockchain gaming community.

Challenges and Setbacks

  • The crypto winter of 2022 led to a decline in the entire crypto market, causing the value of metaverse and crypto gaming projects to diminish.
  • The interest in crypto gaming was at a low point in 2022.

Recent Developments and Trends

  • 2023 saw projects like Gala experience significant growth, with a 308% price increase in January 2023, according to CoinMarketCap.
  • Despite slow technological progress, crypto gaming is attracting significant investment, hinting at a potential boost in 2024.

Test your knowledge about crypto arbitrage trading, a strategy aimed at profiting from price differences in cryptocurrency trading pairs across different markets or platforms.

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