Criminal Law: Murder and Assault in South Africa

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Murder is also referred to as ______.


One of the essential elements of murder in SA is ______.


Xenophobia is a sub-type of ______.


One of the essential elements of GBH is ______.

grievous bodily harm

ATM bombings are a type of ______.

commercial robbery

Study Notes

Types of Murders

  • Multiple murders include serial murder, spree murder, and mass murder
  • Other sub-types of murder include contract/hired murder, farm murder, and muti murder
  • Essential elements of murder in South Africa: unlawfulness, killing, person, and intent

Types of Assault

  • Sub-types of assault include family violence (domestic violence), xenophobia, LGBTQ+ hate crimes, and school violence and bullying
  • Essential elements of common assault: unlawfulness, force, and intent
  • Essential elements of GBH (grievous bodily harm): assault, grievous bodily harm, and intent

Types of Robbery

  • Commercial robbery includes ATM bombings and Cash-in-transit (CIT) heists
  • Non-commercial robbery includes home/business robbery and vehicle hijackings

Test your knowledge of criminal law in South Africa, specifically on the sub-types of murder such as serial and mass murder, and assault including family violence and hate crimes. Learn about the essential elements of murder and culpable homicide in SA.

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