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Which of the following is NOT one of the seven categories of crime used by the South African Police Service (SAPS)?

Organized crime

Which of the following is an example of a property-related crime according to SAPS?

Theft from a vehicle

What is the current code of crime list used by the SAPS’s Crime Information Analysis Centre for the classification of crime?

35 categories

Which of the following is a criticism against crime classification systems?

One crime could be classified into more than one class

What is alcohol's effect on the functioning of the higher brain centers according to the text?

It inhibits them

Which neurotransmitter does alcohol affect to reduce inhibition and increase the likelihood of aggression?


What is the 'dark figure of crime'?

The crimes that are never reported to the police

What is the effect of alcohol on the rational cortex in the drinker's brain?

It numbs it

What is a reason why people might not report a crime to the police?

They think the police will not take their allegation seriously

What is the effect of alcohol on dopamine levels in the brain?

It raises dopamine levels

Which factor can contribute to the dark figure of crime?

The victim's fear of retaliation or repeat victimization

What is the difference between crime patterns and crime trends?

Crime patterns refer to the rise and fall in crime in a particular year, while crime trends refer to the specific pattern in the incidence of crime

What is a reason for the dark figure of crime in cases of domestic violence?

Victims are frequently financially or otherwise dependent on the perpetrators

What is a factor that can cause fluctuations in crime trends?

The economic situation in the country

What is a limitation of official crime statistics?

The dark figure of crime can affect crime statistics

Which crime poses the greatest threat to citizens and the welfare of South Africa according to the government's National Crime Prevention Strategy?

Organised crime

What are some of the practical steps being taken to combat and prevent crime in South Africa?

Preparing legislation to control firearms and combat smuggling

What is the result of unplanned urban growth in South Africa?

An increase in violent crimes

According to research, what is the relationship between warm summer months and reported crimes in South Africa?

Stress levels rise due to long-term exposure to extreme temperatures, which relates to an increase in violent crimes

Which government departments are responsible for combating and preventing crime in South Africa?

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Which of the following is a possible reason for an increase in property crimes during the holiday period?

People are more likely to be away from home

What is the main incentive for instrumental crimes?

To obtain desired goods through illegal activities

What is the most expensive type of gunshot wound to treat?

Abdominal injuries

What is the potential negative effect of paying workers in cash on a weekly basis?

It can contribute to crime due to increased alcohol consumption over weekends

What is the potential benefit of firearms as a prevention tool?

To deter potential attackers

What is the definition of crime?

An intentional act in violation of the criminal law committed without legally acceptable defense or excuse, and penalized by the state

What is the 'dark figure of crime' according to the text?

The number of unreported crimes that are not reflected in official statistics

What is the purpose of classification of crime according to the text?

To systematize information in order to know what types of crime there are and then to determine why people commit a particular type of crime

What is the Code of Crime List according to the text?

The classification of crime in South Africa consisting of 35 categories

What are official crime statistics according to the text?

Statistical data compiled by the police, courts and corrections and routinely published by governments as indices of the extent of crime

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