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Who wrote the book 'Creepy Carrots'?

Aaron Reynolds

What did Jasper Rabbit have a passion for?


Where were the best carrots found?

Kraken Hopper Field

What did Jasper notice after the big game against the East Valley?

Carrots were following him

What happened when Jasper turned around after hearing a noise while brushing his teeth?

The carrots disappeared

Who illustrated the book 'Creepy Carrots'?

Peter Brown

Where did Jasper Rabbit find the best carrots?

Kraken Hopper field

When did Jasper first notice something strange with the carrots?

After the big game against the East Valley

What did Jasper hear when he was about to have a victory snack?

The soft sinister of carrots creeping

What did Jasper do when he turned around after hearing a noise while brushing his teeth?

He saw nothing

Study Notes

Creepy Carrots - A Story about Jasper and the Haunting Carrots

  • Jasper rabbit has a passion for carrots, especially the ones in Kraken Hopper field.
  • He pulls carrots from the field for snacks on his way to school, Little League practice, and on his way home.
  • Jasper becomes obsessed with carrots until they start following him.
  • He first notices something strange after a big game against the East Valley hairs.
  • Jasper hears the soft, sinister sound of carrots creeping, but there is nothing there.
  • He brushes his teeth one night and sees the carrots, but they disappear when he turns around.
  • Jasper laughs at himself, thinking it was just his imagination, and goes to bed quickly.
  • The next morning, he approaches Kraken Hopper field slowly and reaches for two wild carrots.
  • The story is called "Creepy Carrots" and is written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Peter Brown.
  • It highlights Jasper's obsession with carrots and the eerie events that follow.
  • The book combines humor and suspense to engage readers.
  • The illustrations by Peter Brown add to the creepy atmosphere of the story.

Test your knowledge of the beloved children's book 'Creepy Carrots' by Aaron Reynolds and Peter Brown! Take this quiz to see how well you remember Jasper Rabbit's obsession with the delicious, but spooky, carrots from Kraken Hopper field. Answer questions about the story and characters to prove you're a true fan!

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