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Qual es le nomine del decime cranial nervo?

Nervo Vagus

A ubi se trova le Foramen Ovale?

In le cranio

Qual es le nomine del septime cranial nervo?

Nervo Facial

Que function ha le cranial Nervo Optic?

Transmittente de sensation visual al cerebro

Study Notes

Cranial Nervos

  • Le decime cranial nervo se nomina Nervo Vago.
  • Le Foramen Ovale se trova in le ossa temporal.
  • Le septime cranial nervo se nomina Nervo Faciale.
  • Le cranial Nervo Optic ha como function transmiter información visual desde le oculos al cerebro.

Test your knowledge of the cranial nerves anatomy and their associated foramina and canals with this quiz. Identify and recall the functions and pathways of cranial nerves from I to VIII.

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