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What is the purpose of the CPU burst in process execution?

Performing calculations

What is the main objective of CPU scheduling?

Improving system performance

What type of process spends its maximum time in doing I/O?

I/O-bound process

What does an I/O burst in the CPU and I/O burst cycle signify?

Waiting for data transfer

What is the goal of multiprogramming in scheduling?

Achieving high processor utilization

Study Notes

CPU Burst and Scheduling

  • The CPU burst is the time spent by a process executing instructions in the CPU.
  • The main objective of CPU scheduling is to allocate the CPU time to different processes efficiently, aiming to maximize CPU utilization and throughput.

Process Types and I/O Burst

  • An I/O-bound process spends its maximum time doing I/O operations, whereas a CPU-bound process spends most of its time executing instructions in the CPU.
  • An I/O burst in the CPU and I/O burst cycle signifies the period when a process is waiting for input/output operations to complete, during which the CPU remains idle.


  • The goal of multiprogramming in scheduling is to overlap the I/O operations of one process with the CPU execution of another process, increasing CPU utilization and system throughput.

Test your knowledge of CPU scheduling and algorithms with this quiz. Explore the objectives, criteria, and CPU and I/O burst cycles, as well as the importance of scheduling in improving system performance. Delve into the role of the scheduler and the scheduling algorithm in multiprogramming.

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