Cosmetology Training Requirements

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What is the minimum number of hours required for cosmetology training?

1,550 hours

Which of the following topics must be included in the cosmetology course?

All of the above

How many hours of the cosmetology course must be dedicated to preclinical instruction?

240 hours

Which of the following is NOT included in the preclinical instruction of the cosmetology course?

Hair cutting techniques

What is the minimum number of clinical exercises that each student must complete?

The text does not specify a minimum number

What is the purpose of the elementary service skills portion of the cosmetology course?

Both A and C

Learn about the training requirements for cosmetologists including coursework hours, nail technician, esthetician, and hair services content. Understand the instruction in applied science and skills such as shampooing, hair design, hair coloring, skin care, makeup, waxing, and nail care.

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