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What is the primary focus of the Preface to the Second Edition?

Acknowledging the response from teachers and students to the first edition

What is the purpose of the statement 'This page intentionally left blank'?

To indicate that the page was intentionally left blank as per the publisher's decision

What is the main reason for adding a new chapter on 'The Computer: Its role in Research'?

To emphasize the importance of electronic computers in research for students of economics and management

What is the purpose of the copyright information provided at the beginning of the text?

To indicate that the ebook is copyrighted and reproduction is restricted without permission

What is the significance of the statement 'In loving memory of my revered father (The fountain of inspiration)'?

To pay tribute to the author's father and acknowledge his role as an inspiration

Test your knowledge of copyright notices with this quiz. See how much you know about the rules and regulations regarding the reproduction and use of electronic books.

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