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In the context of contracts, a minor's obligation to pay for necessaries is _____.


When a minor enters into a long-term interest contract, it is usually considered _____.


What is the legal status of a contract entered into by a heavily intoxicated person?


When a contract is found to be void _____, it means it's as if the contract never existed.

At common law

What happens to contracts made by individuals diagnosed with severe mental disorders?

They are voidable

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) have legal personality similar to companies, allowing them to _____.

Enter into contracts

What was the reason given by the Court of Appeal for ruling the contract between the tailor and the student as not binding?

The goods were not suitable to the young man's actual requirements at the time

In the case of Chapple v Cooper, why was the widow obligated to pay for her husband's funeral?

It was considered a necessary service

Under what circumstance is a minor not obliged to accept and pay for necessaries sold to them?

When the minor decides they are no longer needed

What type of contracts can be considered voidable at common law?

Contracts with oppressive terms

When can a minor terminate a contract under common law?

When the contract involves necessaries

What kind of articles are excluded from being considered necessaries under common law?

Articles of mere luxury

What types of contracts are binding on minors according to the text?

Contracts for necessary goods and services

How are 'necessaries' defined under the Sale of Goods Act 1979?

Goods suitable to the minor's social status and current needs

In Nash v Inman (1908) 2 KB 1, what was supplied by the Savile Row tailor to the Cambridge undergraduate?

Luxury fancy waistcoats

What is the general outcome regarding minors and consumer contracts?

Minors are usually not bound by commercial contracts

For a contract to be considered one for necessaries, what must be determined?

If it is capable of being necessaries in law and actually necessary for the minor

When deciding if a minor is bound by a contract for necessaries, what is considered?

The minor's family background and social status

Test your knowledge on contracts binding on minors, focusing on the concept of 'necessaries' and the types of contracts that are enforceable against minors. Explore the legal principles under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 related to contracts for necessary goods and services.

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