Computer Security Fundamentals

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What is the origin of security threats?

Both from inside and outside of an organization

What is the primary purpose of a security plan?

To protect both data and physical equipment

What is the main difference between a virus and a worm?

Both viruses and worms are types of malware

Why is it important to keep operating systems and applications up to date?

To protect against security threats

What is the primary goal of preventive maintenance?

To prevent data loss or damage

Study Notes

Computer Security

  • Computer security is crucial to protect computer equipment, networks, and data from various threats.
  • Threats can originate from both internal and external sources within an organization.
  • Common security threats include viruses and worms that attack data.
  • A security plan is essential to safeguard both data and physical equipment from loss or damage.
  • Regularly updating operating systems and applications with patches and service packs is vital to maintain security.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent security breaches and protect equipment.
  • Procedures and preventive measures should be in place to ensure data and physical security.

Learn about the importance of computer security, threats, procedures, and preventive measures to keep equipment, networks, and data safe. Understand common security threats, viruses, worms, and security planning.

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