Computer Organization & Logic Design Chapter 01 Quiz

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What is the primary characteristic of Third Generation computers?

Integrated circuits

Which category of software includes the operating system (OS)?

Systems software

What is an example of a low-level programming language?

Machine language

What is the primary function of computer hardware?

Physical components of a computer

What is the purpose of high-level programming languages?

Make it easier for humans to write programs

What is a computer system?

A collection of components that collectively perform a function

Which generation of computers used Vacuum Tubes?

First Generation

What was the key characteristic of the Second Generation of computers?


From which Latin term is the term 'computer' derived?

To calculate or programmable machine

What does a computer do according to specified rules?

Accept data (input)

Test your knowledge of the first stage of computer organization and logic design, covering topics such as the generation of computers, hardware and software, basic computer terminology, and component architecture.

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