Computer Organization and Architecture: Instruction Sets

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What is the term for the collection of different instructions that a processor can execute?

Instruction set

What is the binary code that specifies the operation to be performed in a machine instruction called?

Operation code

What do we call the operands that are inputs for an operation in a machine instruction?

Source operands

What refers to the information required by the processor for execution in each instruction?

Instruction information

What does the next instruction reference in a machine instruction tell the processor?

Where to fetch the next instruction

What is the purpose of logic (Boolean) instructions in a computer?

To operate on the bits of a word as bits rather than as numbers

What represents the value of each symbolic operand in computer instructions?

A fixed binary representation

In which area can source and result operands be located in a computer?

Main or virtual memory

What does it mean if memory-mapped I/O is used in a computer?

The main or virtual memory address must be supplied

What represents the constituent elements of an instruction within a computer?


Test your knowledge of Chapter 12 Instruction Sets: Characteristics and Functions from William Stallings' book 'Computer Organization and Architecture 10th Edition'. This quiz covers machine instruction characteristics and the operation of the processor.

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