Computer Networks Lecture 6: Electronic Mail and Domain Name System

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What is the main responsibility of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in the context of electronic mail?

Reliably transferring email messages between mail servers

Which port does SMTP typically use for the transfer of email messages?

Port 25

What is the main role of a user agent in the context of electronic mail?

Composing, editing, and reading mail messages

Which component contains all the messages of a user in the electronic mail process?


In the context of electronic mail, what is the primary function of a mail server?

Managing the mailbox of the user

What type of transfer occurs when sending and receiving emails on the same mail server?

Direct transfer

What is the primary purpose of the SMTP protocol?

Exchanging email messages between mail servers

In the context of SMTP messages, what is represented by commands written in 7-bit ASCII format?

Status code

Which protocol is primarily used for retrieving emails from the server?

Post Office Protocol (POP)

What happens during step 3 of the SMTP message exchange process?

TCP connection is established with Bob's mail server

Which type of protocol is HTTP primarily considered to be?

Pull protocol

What is the role of user agent in the context of SMTP?

Composing and sending emails to the mail server

Which protocol allows the user to organize messages in folders and keeps user state across sessions?


What differentiates SMTP from HTTP in terms of port usage?

SMTP uses port 25, while HTTP uses port 80

What differentiates POP from IMAP in terms of message storage?

POP keeps all messages in one place at the server, while IMAP allows users to organize messages in folders

What represents the end of an SMTP message in terms of formatting?

Carriage Return/Line Feed (CRLF)

This quiz covers the topics discussed in Lecture 6 of Computer Networks, including Electronic Mail (SMTP, comparison with HTTP, email access protocols) and Domain Name System (DNS). It includes concepts from the book 'Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach' by Jim Kurose and Keith Ross.

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