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What is the primary purpose of computer networks?

Facilitate communication

What is the main function of nodes in a computer network?

Data transfer between machines

Which term is used to describe the computers connected together in a network?


Which activity is NOT a fundamental use of computer system networks?

Remote desktop installation services

What kind of resources can users exchange in computer networks according to the text?

Printing capabilities, software packages, and data storage facilities

Which term is used to describe the devices like a printer or scanner shared by multiple users in a network?

Shared devices

What is the purpose of a Personal Area Network (PAN)?

To create a convenient personal network for device communication

Which type of network typically covers a whole town or city?

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

In computer networking, what is the main function of nodes?

To act as communication points for devices in a network

What is the smallest type of network as described in the text?

Personal Area Network (PAN)

Which type of network links machines over great distances such as cities on opposite sides of the world?

Wide Area Network (WAN)

What is the primary use of Ethernet cable in computer networking?

To connect devices within a single building or building complex

What distinguishes a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) from other types of networks?

It covers a whole town or city

Where is the concept of computer networks not limited to in today's context?

(Desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices particularly via tablets and smart phones)

Which type of network is typically established within the same or among different buildings in one location?

Local Area Network (LAN)

Test your knowledge of computer networks with this quiz covering the basics of computer networking, including the purpose of networks, data transfer, and resource sharing. Explore the usage and benefits of computer system networks.

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