Computer Network Basics

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What are the basic components of a computer network?

The basic components of a computer network are message, sender, receiver, transmission medium, and protocol.

What is the purpose of a computer network?

The purpose of a computer network is to enable the sharing of resources and files, as well as facilitate communication between devices.

What are communication channels in a computer network?

Communication channels are the links connecting the nodes in a computer network through which data is transmitted.

How can a computer network connection be established?

A computer network connection can be established using either cable or wireless media.

What is the role of protocol in a computer network?

Protocol is a group of rules committed by both sender and receiver, ensuring proper communication between devices in a network.

Explain the process and limitations of dial-up internet connectivity.

Dial-up access involves a modem connecting to the Internet by dialing a phone number. The analog signal is converted to digital and sent over a land-line, with speeds ranging from 28K to 56K. However, the connection quality can be poor due to interference, and the phone line cannot be used for calls simultaneously.

List and describe the different types of internet connections mentioned in the text.

The different types of internet connections mentioned are dial-up, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), cable modems, fiber, wireless, satellite, and cellular. Each type uses different hardware and has a range of connection speeds.

Why is faster internet connectivity needed as technology evolves?

Faster internet connections are needed to handle technological changes, such as increased data usage, higher quality media streaming, and more advanced online applications.

What are the general requirements for accessing internet connections mentioned in the text?

Most methods mentioned require a subscription with an Internet service provider (ISP).

Explain the limitations and drawbacks of dial-up internet connectivity.

Dial-up internet has limitations such as slow speeds (28K to 56K), poor connection quality due to interference, and the inability to use the phone line for calls while connected to the internet.

Test your knowledge of computer networks with this quiz covering the basic concepts of computer networking such as devices, communication channels, connection protocols, and media types.

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