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What is the name of the black oil simulator offered by Computer Modelling Group?


Which simulator was developed beginning in the 1990s by Dr. Keith H. Coats?


Which simulator is described as a fully implicit 3-phase 2D modified black oil reservoir simulator for the Microsoft Excel platform?


Which simulator is described as a general purpose compositional reservoir simulator with fully implicit formulation?


Which simulator is described as a reservoir simulator offering black oil, compositional and thermal options?


Which simulator was originally developed as 'Falcon' by Amoco, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Cray Research?


Which simulator is replacing Landmark's earlier generation of simulator, VIP or Desktop VIP?


What type of reservoir simulator is PLANO RESEARCH CORPORATION FLOWSIM?

A fully implicit 3-phase, 3-D, black oil and compositional finite difference reservoir simulator with LGRs, dual porosity dual permeability, and parallel capabilities

What approach does GRAILQUEST'S RESERVOIRGRAIL employ to simulate reservoirs during primary and secondary recovery?

A patented approach called Time Dynamic Volumetric Balancing

Which organization currently uses GEMINI SOLUTIONS MERLIN?

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

What type of reservoir simulator is UNDER PALM TREES' DEEPSIM?

A fully implicit, 3-phase, compositional finite difference reservoir simulator for the Android phone and tablet platform

What type of simulation does EXOTHERM offer?

Thermal simulation of SAGD, CSS with discretized wellbore flow up to surface

What can reservoir simulation help model in terms of reservoir connectivity?

Communication and interference between multiple reservoirs connected by faults, fractures, or wells

Which type of wells can reservoir simulation help model the flow behavior and control mechanisms of?

Horizontal wells and multilateral wells

What techniques can reservoir simulation use to quantify and reduce uncertainty in reservoir characterization?

Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis

How can machine learning benefit reservoir simulation?

Improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency of simulation tasks

What aspect can reservoir simulation help in determining regarding study data requirements?

Data requirements and their impact on performance predictions

What does reservoir simulation aim to optimize in nonconventional and intelligent wells?


Which of the following is NOT a potential application of reservoir simulation for new oil and gas fields?

Determining the most cost-effective drilling mud composition

What can reservoir simulation help with in terms of well completion and stimulation methods?

Identifying the optimal combination of completion and stimulation methods

How can reservoir simulation contribute to well spacing and orientation decisions?

All of the above

What is NOT mentioned as a reservoir characteristic that can be used in reservoir simulation for new field development?

Drilling cost

Which of the following statements about reservoir simulation is TRUE?

It provides insights and guidance for field development planning

What is NOT a potential benefit of using reservoir simulation for new field development?

Designing the most cost-effective drilling rig

What is one of the main purposes of using reservoir simulation in a new field?

To optimize injection rates and patterns

How can reservoir simulation assist in evaluating the economic feasibility of a new field?

By estimating the payback period

What role does reservoir simulation play in locating infill wells?

It suggests locations for drilling additional wells

Which method can reservoir simulation use to reduce uncertainty in reservoir modeling?

Utilizing Monte Carlo simulation

What is a key advantage of using reservoir simulation for optimizing injection strategies?

Balancing production and injection

How can reservoir simulation help improve the profitability of a new field?

By quantifying and reducing uncertainty in reservoir characterization

Test your knowledge about the simulators offered by Computer Modelling Group, including IMEX, GEM, and STARS, as well as SENSOR developed by Dr. Keith H. Coats. Explore the features and applications of these reservoir simulators.

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