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What are the five fundamental elements of a computer system?

Input, output, datapath, control, memory

Which component of a computer system is responsible for communicating with the outside world?

Input and output components

What hardware devices are used for inserting data into a computer?

Mice and keyboards

Which component of a computer system translates data into human-readable format for output?

Control unit

How many elements are involved in the input and output components of a computer system?


Which part of a computer system is responsible for storing instructions and data?


What is the most important hardware component of a computer system?

Microprocessor chip (CPU)

What is the RAM of a computer used for?

Running programs and applications

Which type of hard drive uses magnetic and metallic platters to store data?

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

What does an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) combine in slim laptops?


Why is it important to properly use a hard disk drive (HDD)?

To prevent data loss and drive failure

Which hardware component is responsible for displaying visual output on the computer screen?

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

What is the main function of the CPU in a computer system?

Interpreting programming instructions and controlling machines

Which unit within the CPU is responsible for performing arithmetic and logical operations on data?


What is the role of the dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) in some computers?

Enabling high-speed display of complex visual images

What is the function of RAM in a computer system?

Clears memory when the machine is switched off

What does the control element of a computer system primarily do?

Coordinate program instruction execution with other elements

Which component of a computer system is considered tangible?


Which part of a modern computer is sometimes referred to as the central nervous system?

Control unit (CU)

What is the role of external memory in a computer system?

Long-term data storage when not in use

What type of memory is used to store software instructions and data for currently running programs?

Internal memory

Which component of a computer system is intangible?


What happens if hardware and software components of a computer system are not complemented by peopleware?

Input and connectivity become impossible

Which of the following is an example of computer hardware?

Display monitor

What type of memory chips does a Solid State Drive (SSD) use?

Flash memory chips

Which component of a computer system allows users to communicate with each other and link directly to devices?


Which of the following is an example of an internal device that connects to the motherboard?

Microprocessor (CPU)

What distinguishes a laptop computer from desktop and single-unit computers?

Built-in mouse and keyboard

Why are Solid State Drives (SSDs) considered more efficient in the case of power failures?

Quicker response time

In a single-unit computer set like Apple's iMac, what does the package typically include?

System device and display

Test your knowledge about internal and external memory components of a computer system. Learn about RAM as temporary memory and hard drives as external storage. Explore the major components of a computer system, including hardware and software.

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