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What is a computer system?

A complete computer with hardware, operating system, and peripheral equipment

What do modern digital electronic computers perform?

Generic sets of operations known as programs

What is an example of a simple special-purpose device that uses a computer as a control system?

Microwave oven

What do computers power that links billions of other computers and users?

The Internet

What were early computers initially meant to be used for?


Study Notes

What is a Computer System?

  • A computer system is a set of interconnected devices that process, store, and communicate information.

Functions of Modern Digital Electronic Computers

  • Perform arithmetic and logical operations
  • Store and retrieve data
  • Communicate with users and other devices
  • Control external devices

Example of a Simple Special-Purpose Device

  • A traffic light, which uses a computer as a control system to manage and optimize traffic flow.

The Internet

  • A global network of interconnected computers and users, linking billions of devices worldwide.

Early Computers

  • Initially designed to perform complex mathematical calculations for scientific and military applications.

Test your knowledge about computers with this quiz! Explore the basics of computer systems, programming, and operations. From hardware to software, put your understanding to the test with this informative quiz.

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